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Personal Bar Soap
Shaped more like a disc than a bar, our luxury olive-oil blended soaps feature a variety of essences including lemon, lavender, mint, rum, grapefruite, jasmine and more.  Let your senses dance!
Boutique quality hand made personal care products made with pure essences and the highest quality olive oil.
As a small boutique operation, we don't make quantity, we embrace quality.  All of our personal products are hand made using only the best ingredients including fresh essences and extra virgin olive oil,  combined in luxurious bath and personal care products that will pamper and please you at every turn.  
If you have any question concerning any of our products or how they might be available in your area, please do not hesitate to send us an email.  We'd love to hear from you:
Body Sugar
A gentle blend of sugar, olive oil and essence provides a unique exfoliating experience.  A gentle rub takes away the old and stimulates the new for silky smooth suppleness.
Bath Salt
Just when you thought the luxury could never end, our exotic aromatic bath salts will coddle you as you relax with a good book in a warm soothing bath.